Case study

Stockholm Concert Hall, Sweden

Koncerthuset Stockholm

Home of the Nobel Prize Ceremony


A total of 23 SLS-300’s and 2 SLS-100’s were fitted in the Stockholm Concert Hall’s Main hall and the Grünewald hall.


To equip the main halls 13 different seating areas with Super Loop Systems, making the sound quality and reception perfect in every single seat, was not this projects main challenge. The real challenge was the highly adaptable smaller Grünewald hall which consists of 10 metal structure elevation platforms that are sometimes used as stage areas and sometimes as seating areas.


In the main hall, 13 Univox standard low spill SLS configurations were installed. One system for each seating section. 2.5mm² flat copper tape was used, which is easily concealed under the metal cover strips on the edge of the step on which each row of seats is placed. The flat copper tape is low impedance which reduces the amount of power needed, improves the frequency response.

In the Grünewald hall, 2 SLS-300 systems were planned and installed for the main seating area. 8 SLS-300 and 2 SLS-100 were installed on the stage areas 10 height adjustable platforms. The combination of the powerful amplifier, The SLS technology and the Univox SLS loop design offers systems that are much less sensitive to metal interference and generates a more stable field strength and perfect frequency response. The copper tape loops were connected to the lead wires using spiral cable which extends and retracts with the movement of the platforms.

A total of 4.000 meters of copper foil was used and 1.000 meters of feed wires. The single longest feed wire was 100 meters long.


A well designed series of loop systems has made every single seat in the Stockholm Concert Hall available to the hard of hearing community. The audio quality is perfect wherever you sit due to the Univox SLS systems that transmit both horizontally and vertically making T-coil alignment, in contrast to a conventional hearing loop system, unimportant.

Products used:
Univox® SLS-100 Super Loop System®
Univox® SLS-300 Super Loop System®
Univox® Copper foil

Responsible Team in Sweden:
Bo Edin AB, Sweden

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