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Maintenance management system in the cloud

Service Maintenance - from problem to success


Cardi AB is a leading Swedish company within service maintenance of light installations for large retail chains such as Åhléns, Stadium and Intersport. In 2011, they needed a new website that we launched the same year, but our cooperation did not end there.

Cardi turned to us 1 year later with an exciting request. It was to create a service management system for one of their customers - Stadium AB.


Until then, Cardi used endless set of Excel tables to do the calculation for the next service interval. To compile a single report for one service interval, one employee needed 3-4 days - per store!

Our task was to simplify the management of collected information аnd speed up the calculation process. In other words to reduce unnecessary administration.


To create a customized solution for Cardi and Stadium was our goal. To achieve this, we have been looking at larger maintenance systems as Total Observer.

The project included;

  • planning along with Cardi and Stadium
  • structural work - transfer of previously collected information to the new simpler structure
  • layout and design proposals for the new service maintenance system
  • system development
  • education & Workshop
  • test & launch

The framework for the development of the service system became eZ Publish CMS.

After 4 months of intense development, we could introduce a system that displays service status in real time for all Stadium stores in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and now also in Germany.

Now calculation for next service interval takes 3-4 seconds for all 151 Stadium stores, instead of the previous 3-4 days per store. And for that extra interested Cardi has now about 4228 hours over the other, per year!


  • LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP)
  • eZ Publish CMS 5

Involverade företag


Cardis employee were well aware that only a customized solution could give the best results. To obtain a complete system and modify it usually

does not lead to desired result. A customized solution means is a bit more expensive, but in the end all administrative costs will be minimized.

Today, both we and our customers are pleased about the cooperation. We at Zwebb can proudly say that Cardi and Stadium is our most satisfied customers.

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